About Truffle

Made in North Devon

We're a tool for creating beautiful websites designed for the businesses & creators of today.

Truffle is re-thinking how the modern website builder works and making it simpler, cheaper and easier than ever to get started building a site. Modern apps try to do too much making it overwhelming for the user and often at the cost of performance of their end website. With Truffle, we've picked out the essential tools and packaged them in an easy-to-use fashion allowing you to have everything need to create a great looking and functional website for your business or side hustle.

Truffle can be your main website or act as a digital launchpad to anywhere becoming a centralised place for your online presence.

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When did we start?

Truffle began during the height of the first UK Coronavirus lockdown where many businesses were forced to rethink how they made money. With being forced to stay at home, we saw a new wave of people starting their side-hustles, sharing their passions and generally doing more online...


Building the MVP

We started building the very first versions of Truffle straight away, focusing on the most useful tools for creators and businesses to create a great website with as little hassle as possible...


Releasing Beta

After 6-months, we finally released the first beta version of Truffle to a small user group for testing. It was a great first version but we quickly realised we needed more features and a cleaner UI to make it not just great, but amazing...


Version 1.0 🎉

After more development, refined tools and a marketing strategy ready, we're finally releasing v1.0 of Truffle to everyone to create great things with! We're proud of the amount of amazing tools we've crammed into the first full release of Truffle and can't wait to see what people make with it...


Into the future...

We're a passionate team of developers, designers, marketers and creators, all starting their career and journey as small freelancers. Now, as a business, we're committed to equipping brands with the best tools for getting their work seen and heard online. We have some amazing things planned for Truffle...