About Truffle

Made in North Devon

We're a tool for creating beautiful, fast and modern websites designed for the businesses & creators of today.

A Truffle website not only points your audience in the direction of your choosing - to your social profiles, e-commerce store, or content you want to share - but it helps hold your audience within your online ecosystem for longer. It allows you to share more, sell more, curate more and grow more.

Truffle can be your main website or act as a digital launchpad to anywhere becoming a centralised place for your online presence.

Our Story

In the spring of 2020, a near-global lockdown occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, a huge amount of job loss forcing people to rethink. However, out of the world turning upside down, came an incredible amount of creativity with people showcasing their passions online, starting micro-businesses and jumping into ventures. Something Will Lamerton, along with his team at Barr Media noticed as their business too, was forced into lockdown.

As a web agency, the team at Barr Media had always recognised that the cost of having a modern, fast website can be expensive, often costing thousands. However, customer and audience expectations have only gotten higher. The problem arises when small businesses and creators can't afford the website they need, but their audience still expects a great, fast and functional website from them. So, unable to go down any other route, people often turn to the modern website builder. Although, they're cost effective and remove the need to know how to code - all the website builders of today flag up at least one of these four common issues.

  1. Website builders are still hard to use and setup
  2. Website builders create slow websites (very often)
  3. Website builders create bad looking websites
  4. Website builders are still expensive

With these common issues always arising, combined with a new wave of small businesses coming out of the pandemic, Will Lamerton wanted to build a solution that didn't suffer from any of those problems. He wanted to create a solution that aided in helping the businesses & creators of today get the website they deserve. Within 6-months, we're here, with the first beta release of Truffle being put out and shown to the world.

We're a passionate team of developers, designers, marketers and creators, all starting their career and journey as small freelancers. Now, as a business, we're committed to equipping brands with the best tools for getting their work seen. Truffle has offices on the beautiful North Devon coast in the UK, a stone's throw from the gorgeous and rugged coast.