Why upgrade your Truffle website?

Truffle might look simple and innocent when you first start using it, but, it's a powerful little tool! We're constantly developing Truffle to make it simpler, faster and more useful for our users, removing the overwhelming and unnecessary hassle in creating a website.

What are the paid features?

Custom domains

With Premium, you can connect your own custom domain to your Truffle website instead of using our free one! Using a custom domain strengthens your brand, gives you a more professional looking presence and further removes our branding.

Access to all insights

In the free plan of Truffle you can see your total views/unique views as well as the top referrers. In Truffle Premium, you get access to daily breakdowns as well as the top devices visiting your site. Super useful to make sure your website is performing!

Access to SEO tools

Marketing your website is just as important as building it in the first place. One major factor for visibility is SEO. Right now we have some useful tools that allow you to nail your website's pages meta information with plans to add even more detailed marketing tools later.

Access to all available pages

We've taken the hassle out of creating pages and adding all the sections you need. To do this we've built a number of pre-defined pages, such as a blog, addable in one click, with all the function ready to go. All you have to do is replace the text and images where necessary.

Access to add and remove blocks

If you become premium all of you website pages can be fully customised by adding and removing blocks.

Access to add custom pages

If our pre-defined pages are a little restricting, you can create custom pages too! When you add a new page, choose "Custom Page" instead. You can name it what you like and all custom pages are fully customisable.

Access to on-platform stock imagery

Finding images for your website can be a pain, switching between tabs, finding images on your computer and making sure they're optimised for web. To save this hassle, we've integrated with the amazing people at Pexels to build in a stock image library. You can search for images and add them to your website in a few clicks, all for free, and optimised for performance.

Remove Truffle branding

In our free plan, we add our branding to the bottom of your website but when you upgrade to Premium, we remove that!

What we're working on...

Premium themes

More pages


Monetise your website & earn

Truffle stock library

Marketing tools for SEO & Email

Create a website from your socials

Custom code for advanced users

And wayyy, more

Last but not least...

Upgrading to Truffle Premium directly helps support the future development of our products. We're a passionate company about helping small businesses and freelancers grow and thrive in this modern digital landscape. By upgrading to our paid plans, you're directly supporting that mission and securing future development of game-changing tools.

Bespoke Plan

From £99 setup & £4.99 per month


Everything in Premium 👉

Plus our team can:

Build a bespoke theme for you

Build bespoke features for your site

Offer bespoke support

Premium Plan

£4.99 per month - FREE for 7-days


Custom domain

Customise blocks & page layout

Access extended insights

Access to SEO tools

Access to all available pages

Access to built-in stock image library

Remove Truffle branding

Even more soon...

Free Plan £0

Free Forever


Your own free domain

Access to our basic website builder

Customise your site with themes

Access to basic insights

Access to some additional pages

There's a feature I would love to see, can I tell you guys?

Yes! We're always on the lookout for feedback and suggestions to improve Truffle for everyone, so if there's a feature you would like to see then please do let us know! We have a roadmap here for all of our planned features so please check that first before getting in touch.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we don't tie anyone into our plans. Cancel anytime, and Truffle will automatically put you back on our free plan after any premium time remaining has passed.


What happens if I've used Premium features on my website and then I downgrade to free?

It depends on the feature. Features like advanced insights, you'll just lose access to, however, if you've added Premium pages, like the blog, these will unfortunately be hidden from your website. The content won't be lost and you'll still be able to view & edit it in the app, just your website visitors won't be able to see it until you subscribe to Premium again.

How is payment taken?

Payment is taken by direct debit every month via our partners at GoCardless. Cancel anytime.


Can I try Premium first?

Yes! You can trial Truffle Premium for 7-days. Activate the subscription and Truffle will bill you 7-days later if you haven't cancelled. This gives you time to trial some of the features and see what you think!


What is your bespoke plan?

Our bespoke plan allows you to make use of Truffle's fast, efficient and easy-to-use platform as well as let our team build any extra features you need that are not included by default. We charge a setup fee, but after then, your website costs the same £4.99 p/m as Truffle Premium but with added bespoke support from our team.


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